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Archaeological 3D visualization in OpenSim

In this small Gallery you will get a first impressions.

Back but under Brexit conditions
We try to continue as far as we can. Currently due to the Brexit madness we are all a bit limited. We are back in Scotland! So the future is not quite as dark as in England.

In 2019 we also welcomes residents! From the Emperor to a slave. We are not an "open GRID" please register / apply via email with proposed avatar name etc.
The Grid is back with new servers and improved performance especially for mesh.

The best presentation allows a mesh viewer!

Using virtual worlds as a learning platform seemed very appealing to us. We did not want to miss the numerous interaction possibilities of virtual worlds and take advantage of the opportunities to make it playful for young and old to experience what archaeologists and historians find everyday life

We want to support the work of archaeologists and historians! By way of illustration, the first project "Villa Borg" has already added reconstructed excavations to the prosperous artifacts. Transferring them to virtual space allows them to see what is still underground in reality.
The virtual worlds allow a more extensive approach to the ancient reality, which is not possible in real life.

Virtual reconstruction as a learning platform

The excavation leaders provide us constantly with new material from the daily work.

Reliable knowledge of the archaeological craft and the methods of scientific evaluation provide the foundation for our work. We use this knowledge in reconstructions - as far as the virtual possibilities allow.
Building on this, we endeavor, on the one hand, to impart storytelling in a playful way, and to enable the user to immerse themselves in bygone eras and lifestyles.

It is up to the user whether he constructs a role-playing game himself or wanders through a huge open-air museum and looks behind the scenes. Real, experimental and 3D archeology meet together in virtual space.

Being a dynamic project, we can always integrate new insights from the field work.
While we are just getting started, we are curious about where our journey together in the virtual world of OpenSim takes us. If you have any questions, I am at your disposal - trust in the virtual worlds!

New buildings!

Via Sepulcrum following the Villa Borg Rustica arises. Thermen & Basilica (apodyterium ,laconicum, caldarium, tepidarium, frigidarium)
Harbor land with outdoor swimming pool.
Here you will find pictures of the "new buildings" and the other projects in planning and construction.